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Fuelling Futures: From Influence to Impact by Author Tshepiso Phosa

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Fuelling Futures is the story of Tshepiso Phosa, a woman determined to use her position in the fuel industry, and related industries, to help fuel other people's futures. What's fuelling your future? From the next breath you take until your last, your future is a mystical place, filled with both infinite potential as well as terrifying uncertainty. We live in the era of 'individual influence', where you have the power to work from your phone to create the world you desire. Timothy Maurice Webster, who has written four books on Personal Brand Influence, investigates how Tshepiso is going about influencing the world around her, from tackling the fuel industry to fuelling the lives of thousands of orphans. Tshepiso was born into one of South Africa's 'political struggle' families - even while in her mother's womb she spent time in prison. Nothing about her life has been certain or secure. She has faced the extremes of trauma to triumph, from being raped as a young girl to being the youngest woman to ever sit on the boards of all-male organizations. Timothy captures Tshepiso's story while wearing the dual lens of personal influence strategist as well as a thinker interested in the 'why' of human behavior. Fuelling Futures will take you on a roller coaster of emotions, inspiring you to rethink and re-imagine what's possible in your future. You'll want to cheer Tshepiso on while clapping for your future at the same time